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Volume 2 / Issue 1  January 2021

A Brand New Year 2021 – going forward in continuing difficult times:

Like most interactive venues our doors have been closed with the Provincial guideline restrictions since November 1st, 2020.

We were busy prior to Christmas with our successful Giving Tuesday event and pleased to receive orders for Gimli Glider merchandise through our online gift shop. Thank you to all of our website visitors that made our continuing operation successful with these ongoing purchases and donations.

We have also received some financial support through Government programs that will allow us to continue being a popular Manitoba tourism destination. We are grateful for the assistance.

With the reducing numbers of the Covid-19 cases within our Province, we are hopeful that more normal times will return especially once the vaccine will be made available to the residents. The staff misses meeting visitors from around the world and is looking forward to being back at the Exhibit.


2021 Events: The planning for 2021 activities are underway and once it becomes clear to what we can do and when, we will be sure to post all our news on the site and through this Newsletter.



The three words above have been our Motto since our original Committee was established.  They set a clear vision that continually guides us on the experience we offer to our visitor.


We will be announcing shortly the arrival of another artifact from the Gimli Glider fuselage and access to 604 material that will allow us to provide some additional authentic souvenir items for our gift shop. Restoration of the item and design and prep of the items will take several months before all arrive in our Exhibit. We will keep you updated on this progress and we are excited to continue this development of our display.

Here is an example of Fuselage tags that were created from metals of the Gimli Glider, Fin 604.

These are currently sold out.  A Certificate of Authenticity was included.  The tags were serial numbered and a register of owner is kept.

WHAT’S COMING: SPRING!!! And the welcome opportunity to see the re-opening of our doors and announcing what we have in mind for the public activities through 2021….stay tuned!

DID YOU KNOW?......................

Every Newsletter we will publish a lesser known fact about the world famous Gimli Glider Event. Many of these “factual tidbits” are found within the Exhibit. This month we will take the opportunity to introduce our readers to more of our local colourful aviation history.

We have always intended to expand as we can manage, to tell the other two aviation stories of Gimli area that are of interest to history and aviation buffs. Both of these local histories played significant roles in our economic growth and character. Gimli’s colourful history is well covered in a coveted hard cover book called the “Gimli Saga”. As written “next to the arrival of the Icelanders in 1875, it is possible that no other event had a greater impact on this community than the establishment of an air base”. “For 28 years this based contributed much to Gimli”. Keeping in mind that the safe landing of the Glider was accomplished on the decommissioned airstrip.