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Volume 3 / Issue 3   November 2022






We realize it has been awhile since we have last  spoken about what is happening with our team and the activities, so let’s catch up.





MEMBERSHIPS:  Most of you will recall that through our past Covid years, and the limited visitation times, we extended to our members the expiration date into a renewal date in October 2022.  This ongoing support remains important to us for revenues toward our growth and operation.  In our information about the upcoming 40th Anniversary there is additional detail about your Membership benefit for this event.  Our Website update is going to detail what is new and added during the past 18 months to our Exhibit.


Our annual membership fee remains at $25 individual for one year from date of enrollment, and now Lifetime is introduced at $150 per person.  We thank our new members and those who have enrolled, and as you know, we are always happy to see you with your return visits through the year.






This world participation Event is growing in popularity as it provides a special day each year during the ‘giving season’  for those that wish to support Charities with  valued funding.  We have in place an Endowment Fund program to build towards sustaining our local attraction.  This funding also allows us to continue our goals of development with enhancing school tours and the educational component to the GGE history.  


We have been very grateful for the support through different pathways over the past two years of reduced admission fee revenues.  After serious discussion recently, we made the decision to leave our Admission structure as it is, so

visitors and families from all income levels have access to our Exhibit.  As an entire volunteer organization our team remains focused on providing a high level of experience. 


When considering a donation of any amount to the Glider Exhibit, please use this attached link, the big red button, for your use on Tuesday.  

AND FINALLY, NEWS, NEWS, NEWS, on our coming 40th Anniversary Event.


It is extremely exciting to our team to be experiencing a heightened interest already about attending Gimli during the JULY 23RD WEEKEND with plans taking shape for events over the two weekend days.  We will be confirming in the new year which of the crew members, special guests and local participants in the

historic landing hours will be present for the weekend.  Capt. Pearson and passenger Pearl Dion are looking forward to their return to Gimli and meeting








Yes, we are thrilled to announce we will be present within a large hangar runway side!  If you know the history in detail there was a very large Gimli high school reunion happening that evening near the runway…..and so we return …… ! Additional information to follow as we make final plans and accommodation numbers through the next couple of months.  Membership holders will receive a discount on the ticket price for the very special Event.


There is more exciting news to follow and more planning underway….we will keep you informed as we progress.  Meanwhile, if you are planning to be here for the weekend and will require accommodation, consider making those arrangements now.  Gimli is always a popular destination in summer.




We are looking forward to what will be a record attendance summer at the Exhibit. If you are wanting to be part of experiencing and meeting visitors from around the globe, volunteering in a fun and friendly atmosphere? Talk to us …..we may be what you are looking for. Aviation experience or background is not necessary. Outgoing and wanting to be part of a popular venue in Manitoba is all that is required. We look forward to speaking with you. Contact us at to arrange a conversation or enquire at the Exhibit.



What to watch for next on this website:

     .  Updates on Fundraiser

     .  The expanding visitation numbers allowed within the Exhibit

     .  New souvenirs from the metal from 604

Questions or comments – through email



Gimli Glider volunteers & CTV National "Your Morning Show" film crew