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37th Anniversary of Gimli Glider Day


Our 37th Anniversary of the Official Gimli Glider Day will be the usual $5 admission cost all day.

 As Captain Pearson is unable to attend the day this year, we thought about what questions many visitors ask frequently.  One of them is about the boys on the bikes.  We have asked Art Zuke and Kerry Seabrooke to participate this year and they will be on-site between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to meet the public and answer questions about their experience with the silent plane bearing down on them on the Gimli race track.

Fundraising at this time is limited to the sale of our 50/50 tickets and a membership drive for those who want to see our continued operation telling the story of the Gimli Glider landing.

Should we be permitted later in the season to have larger public gatherings we will announce our two planned events and make them happen.

Until that time, we look forward to meeting everyone and provide you with the usual “educate, enlighten and entertaining” experience within our Exhibit.